In early 1900's, our great-grandfather Mr Lim Chwee Guan (林水源), left his hometown of Anxi (安溪), Fujian Province in China to come to Singapore, part of a region that was commonly known as Nanyang.

A hardworking and industrial young man, he was soon earning enough for life to be comfortable. Still, his entrepreneurial attribute would make the better of him.

The product was a hometown delicacy, one of his favourite foods which his parents used to make during the festive seasons in China. Mr Lim thought the product would further introduce a culture of his native land to this new found home. The product as we know it is bakkwa, or barbeque sliced pork.

With the help of his elder brother who was running Law Hock Guan (老福源) on Hong Kong Street in Chinatown (牛車水/大坡), the younger Mr Lim founded Kim Hock Guan, located at No.70 Rochor Road in the Bugis Area(白沙浮/小坡).

Today, Kim Hock Guan remains a family-owned and operated business with a history of five generations. Its customers comprise of generations of families, and businesses. Some of who have been patrons for more than 50 years. And as early as the 1960's, visiting entertainers from Hong Kong and Taiwan count among its regulars.

Kim Hock Guan -- It's a tradition we preserve to enrich tomorrows' culture to come.