BaKwaThroughout the years, Kim Hock Guan has insisted on producing only sliced bakkwa made from lean hind of pork and selective ingredients. We do not use minced meat in our products. The skills and techniques are preserved and then refined. Automation is only introduced to improve production standards while quality and taste are never compromised.

Our best-sellers are Traditional BBQ Sliced Pork and Spicy Sliced Pork. Other variations are BBQ Bacon, Gold Coin Pork, and BBQ Sliced Chicken. The range of Regular Pork Floss, Crispy Pork Floss, and Crispy Fish Floss is also well-received.


All products do not contain artificial preservative, colouring, and flavouring. Product of Singapore. HACCP certified.

Storage: Keep in a cool dry place; avoid water. Best consumed within 14 days. May refrigerate to extend freshness.

Reheating: May be warm-up in an oven, microwave, or steamer such as rice cooker.